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Life Proof Windows

Yes, we're serious.

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Extra Special Perks

Home Life Guarantee Benefit

Treat your home with the highest quality materials that last, backed by a warranty rivaled by no other.

Little Timmy

What is it?

The Life Proof Guarantee is exactly as it sounds – a promise to protect your home from all of the little things life throws at it. For as long as you live in your home, we will take care of any of those random things that happen to your windows. Even if little Timmy across the street hits a ball through them, we’ll be there to repair, fix, or replace your windows.

We can’t stop life from happening, but we can promise to help put the pieces back together and keep your home in top-shape.

Window Replacement Done Right

The Open & Shut Process

No shortcuts. No gimmicks. No regrets.

Simple, straightforward and without complication – open and shut.


Open & Shut has quick, simple consultations that just. make. sense.


We have perfected the process to designing simple solutions for all clients.


With over a decade in the business, our certified crew is professional and experienced, so you can trust we're not just doing it right, we're doing it best.

Life Proof Guarantee

When life happens and you need a fix, we've got your back.

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"They work hard, they are perfectionists, they clean up every day, and they did a 200% perfect job for us. USE THEM!!!"


"Their product and service were excellent. I HIGHLY recommend them!"


"They exceeded my expectations and I was extremely impressed with the quality, timeliness, and over all professionalism."

Bill J

"This work was completed in February and March and they carefully covered the furniture and closed off each room to minimize heat loss as they were installing and staining/finishing the windows."

Marge P

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