Grids, Explained

Thinking of getting grid windows or contemplating replacing your existing grid windows? Confused about the terminology—the ABC’s, of the SDLs and the GBGs? We get it, and we got you.

Types of Grid Windows

In the residential windows world, there are essentially two types of grids (or grilles)—SDL (Simulated Divided Lite) and GBG (Grilles Between the Glass).

And grid windows are those that have a surface broken apart by strips of wood, vinyl or metal, typically in a grid-like arrangement. Patterns vary from minimal to complex and sometimes have style names attached to them such as Colonial or Prairie.

GBG – Sandwiched between the glass panes making for easier cleaning, does no good in the way of potential broken glass repair. But man, oh man do they look pretty.

SDL – Stuck on top of the glass panes for visual effect, serving no other function.

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