French Doors, Explained

MANY homes are built with French doors as the back, patio or porch door. They're super common.

French doors are best described as two matching doors that mirror one another. 

How Do They Work?

One door has a handle, lock, and other moving hardware for everyday use, while the other stays closed, has no moving hardware, and is kept in place by a latch at the base that links to the doorframe, keeping it in place. That latch on the stationary door can be lifted to allow both doors to stand open. 

The Glass

The signature of most French patio doors is their use of multiple glass panes, or lites. Typically you’ll see at least four to eight, but we’ve seen as many as twelve in a standard size opening. 

Would you have guessed, some French exterior doors have just one, large lite? Stranger things have happened?

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