How to Choose the Right Window Installer For Your Home

Not all window contractors are made equally. Each contractor brings their own experience and approach to a project. These different approaches can lead to significant changes in the planning process, installation time, and even the quality of the finished product.

Every homeowner has their own unique needs for window installation and replacement, but there are several rules you can follow to make sure the window installer you choose can give you the best return on your window investment.

Certifications & Experience

Window contractors must earn a series of licenses and certifications before they can start working with windows. Contractors often need to obtain a contractor license, EPA certifications, and work experience on their way to becoming a trusted contractor. They may also need to renew their contractor license on a regular basis to make sure they are up to date with current standards.

Experience is vital in ensuring your installation goes smoothly. Window contractors that have years of experience are generally favored. Teams that have ample experience working for a single contractor tend to be more trusted as well. These teams are familiar with their company’s practices, materials, and products used and can apply them effectively to your home’s window installation.


Qualifications help a contractor’s reliability, but testimonials show how well they put their qualifications to use in the field. Researching a window business on the Internet can give you a better idea of the quality of work they do. Looking up their business on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) can give you a list of customer reviews, overview of services, and official rating from the BBB itself.

Businesses can get accredited with the BBB by being transparent with their practices, keeping their complaints low, and honoring its commitments with clients. Doing some fact-checking before you call a contractor can give you an idea of what to expect, and whether their services are in line with the work you want done on your home.

Stay Local

Staying local for your contractor benefits all parties. Travel times can be kept to a minimum, which can cut down the time spent on your project by hours or even days. Since contractors will be spending a significant amount of time in your home, you’ll want to maximize the amount of time they actually spend there by reducing the commute.

There’s a high chance that local contractors have worked in the area before. They will know the weather conditions, home layouts, and other factors to prepare for while setting up a window installation. Local contractors with years of experience are often signs of a trusted installer.

Product Suitability

Window contractors carry their own unique mix of brands, styles, and products. Just as every installer has their own process, you will often find different products carried by different contractors. Some installers also have manufacturer training to ensure they are implementing their products properly.

You’ll be looking at your window investment every single day, and you’ll want your windows to be the best possible fit with your home. A good window design includes long-term durability, high insulation, and materials that fit with your home’s aesthetic. The best windows come with official certifications, like ENERGY STAR certified windows that maximize energy efficiency.

The best window contractors employ both quality products and clean, hassle-free installation.

Get Free Quotes

Many contractors offer free consultations through their websites and phone calls. You can describe the service you need done and get an accurate price range for it.

If you can narrow down your potential contractors to a handful, you can get free quotes from each of them and compare the prices against each other. However, price should not be the only factor when you are making your final choice.

While costs shouldn’t spiral out of control during a window installation, cheaper does not always mean better. Higher installation costs can come from better materials being used, thorough planning, safer working practices, and other favorable conditions.

A Contractor That Checks All the Right Boxes

If you’re looking for a Kansas City contractor with years of experience, high-quality products, customer testimonials, and a thorough installation process, consider giving Open & Shut KC a call.

Our perfectionistic approach to window installation is reflected in our portfolio of work. Our window replacement services come with a lifelong warranty, and we are determined to bring you a painless installation process that leaves you with shining new windows.

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