Top 5 Window Styles for Your Home Remodel

Remodeling a home is a chance to make a statement. The right remodeler can transform tired spaces into open and modern interiors that take on whole new life. For most interior remodels, the fruits of all that planning and labor are only enjoyed by the homeowner and their close family or friends.

With windows, however, the change is transformational to the inside and out.

Changing up a window style with a home remodel can bring in additional daylight, add new style to an old space, and completely update the look of a home’s exterior. The right new windows are a delight for homeowners and their neighbors alike.

You’re most likely familiar with common window styles. Whether you’re on the hunt for a classic style or something truly unique, there are options out there to make your updated home design unique.

1. Bay Windows

Bay windows are typically designed as two large, fixed windows separated by a single casement window. They’re popularly seen in Colonial and Victorian architecture. With these historical ties, bay windows give a timeless, vintage feel to any home exterior. On the inside, this luxurious window style bathes rooms in natural sunlight and provides the perfect space for a window seat.

Due to the multi-window setup of bay windows, they are typically more difficult to set up than other types. However, their unique look and natural brightness make them well worth the effort.

2. Bow Windows

Bow windows, sometimes called compass windows and bay windows, are relatively similar in concept. Bow windows are a combination of four or more identical windows installed together in a subtle curve. This style of window can be used for similar solutions to bay windows or be taken to the next level by wrapping corners of the home to create a rounded shape.

The curved nature of this install not only adds natural light to any space but enlarges the room as well. For spaces big and small, bow windows are an excellent choice to give a remodel project a unique new feel.

3. Casement Windows

Also called hoppers, casement windows open from side to side or top to bottom instead of being raised and lowered. This makes these windows simple to open and close and ideal for difficult-to-reach spaces, like behind furniture or over your kitchen sink.

Most window styles only open partially, whereas casement windows can open fully. This makes them great for increasing ventilation or adding a pleasant cross-breeze on a cool spring day.

Another benefit of casement windows is security. When this window style is tightly closed and latched, it can only be opened from the inside. They are often considered some of the most secure window styles to prevent break-ins.

4. Double Hung Windows

This style is the most common in the modern home. This popular style comes in traditional and contemporary looks that enhance the final look of any home. In general, these windows are best suited for living rooms, dining rooms, or bedrooms to give a classic and open-air to the space.

This window style is great for easy cleaning, as they can be raised from the bottom or lowered from the top. The sash tilts inward as well, giving homeowners easy access to keep the windows clean and crystal clear.

If you’re replacing single-hung windows, it’s important to note that double hung hang higher and will need more space to accommodate this. However, the ease of cleaning and excellent views afforded by these windows makes them well worth the effort.

5. Picture Windows

Picture windows are popular because they provide an outside view without obstructing what’s going on inside, making them perfect if you want natural light or a stunning view of your garden.

What makes the picture window unique is it has no opening mechanism. Instead, it’s more like a work of art. A picture window install is ideal if you want to feature a view asa design element in the home’s interior, especially if it faces beautiful landscaping, a gorgeous view, or even the homeowner’s children’s favorite spot to play.  This window style is ideally placed in either the living room, dining room, or any space designed for relaxing and entertaining.

Picture windows are rather energy-efficient, especially when properly insulated and fitted withLow E glass. Since these windows do not open, they are completely airtight.Their large view allows sunlight to fill the space, warming rooms naturally in the winter months.

Ready for a new look?

Refreshed window styles can completely transform the look of a home both inside and out.Whether you’re remodeling a classic home or building a dream home from scratch, window style selection should be done purposefully and with look and function in mind.

If you’re ready to explore the endless possibilities of popular window styles in your home, we can help. The staff at Open and Shut are experts in all things windows, including selection, configuration, installation, and repair. To get started on a window installation project in Kansas City or just find out more, request a quote online or call us at 913-586-OPEN.

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