Your Problem—Not So Drafty, Drafty Windows

Would you believe me if I told you it’s not until appointment day that some customers even come to realize they have drafty window problems? And did you know the implications of drafty windows goes far beyond just being able to potentially feel cool air blowing on your leg? Those guys can also be the reason why your energy bills are going up.

Fact of the matter is, if your windows are old, it’s quite likely that most of the heat from your furnace and cool air from your air conditioner is going to waste.

Ever actually do a drafty windows test? Why don’t you give this a try? An easy way to test whether your windows are drafty is to do the candle test. Hold a candle around the edges of your window. If you see flame flicker, you have likely identified a spot where air is getting out. Drafts can be a result of hardware problems or insulation, like weather stripping, wearing away.

If come to find out your seemingly non-drafty windows have done you wrong, it’s important to have them replaced. Older windows are often single-paned making them vulnerable to leaks. Newer technology is SO MUCH more energy efficient and designed to prevent air transfer that causes drafts.

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