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So, you have decided to replace your home windows with new, more energy-efficient ones. Maybe they are cracked, lack proper insulation, don’t bring in sufficient natural light, or are outdated and do not fit the style of your home. If you need professional window replacement in Kansas City, you cannot go wrong with Open & Shut.

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Introducing the Forever Window

Discover the Forever Window, Open & Shut KC's pinnacle of window design. Owner Pat Strand, with over 20 years in the industry, has meticulously developed a vinyl window system that epitomizes comfort, security, and efficiency. Embodying the company's dedication to top-tier craftsmanship, the Forever Window stands as a promise of unparalleled quality for Kansas City homes.

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Open & Shut has quick, simple consultations that just. make. sense.


We have perfected the process to designing simple solutions for all clients.


With over a decade in the business, our certified crew is professional and experienced, so you can trust we're not just doing it right, we're doing it best.

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When life happens and you need a fix, we've got your back.

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Certified Installing Retailer

Open & Shut KC is a certified installing retailer of Marvin brand windows and doors. Our team of experts will walk you through all the options they provide. To get started, download Marvin's replacement guide for windows and doors.


Types of Home Windows

As a Certified Installing Retailer of Marvin windows we have a large selection of windows you can choose from. Different window types offer unique benefits – from the classic charm of double-hung windows to the panoramic views provided by picture windows, and the versatility of casement windows. By carefully choosing the right window types, you can enhance your home's comfort and style, making it a space tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

Marvin double hung windows with black trim above a bench in a hallway Kansas City
Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows are designed with two vertically sliding sashes securely held within a frame equipped with tracks. The advantage of this design is that both sashes can be opened, providing flexible options for airflow control and cleaning.

Marvin casement windows in a cozy reading nook Kansas City
Casement Windows

Casement windows are characterized by their single sash, which opens outward from a side hinge. This design creates a contemporary aesthetic while flooding the interior with abundant natural light.

Marvin awning window open above a white kitchen sink Kansas City
Awning Windows

Awning windows are designed to open outward from a top frame hinge. What makes them particularly versatile is their ability to remain open even during wet weather, allowing fresh air to circulate while keeping the elements at bay.

Marvin picture window in a stylish laundry room Kansas City
Picture & Specialty Shape

Picture windows are expansive, non-operable windows that beautifully frame the outdoor scenery. This window style offers the option of being assembled with or without a sash, providing flexibility to suit your design preferences and views.

Window Replacement Ideas

Explore our gallery to learn more about our premium window replacement solutions. Take the first step towards upgrading your living space with stylish Marvin windows.

Family in a stylish kitchen with a Marvin window in backgroundMarvin specialty shape picture window in an A Frame cabinMarvin double hung windows with white trim Kansas CityMarvin bay window in a living room with dark wood trim Kansas CityMarvin window with trees above a modern wood staircase Kansas CityMarvin double hung window with black trim and grid in a dining room Kansas City

"They work hard, they are perfectionists, they clean up every day, and they did a 200% perfect job for us. USE THEM!!!"


"Their product and service were excellent. I HIGHLY recommend them!"


"They exceeded my expectations and I was extremely impressed with the quality, timeliness, and over all professionalism."

Bill J

"This work was completed in February and March and they carefully covered the furniture and closed off each room to minimize heat loss as they were installing and staining/finishing the windows."

Marge P